Revature Reviews Marks Some Terminologies and Concepts Important to the Tech Industry

Tech Industry


Candidates applying for a job in the technology field is likely to have seen words like cloud computing, DevOps, and Business Process Management (BPM) being thrown around in job listings. While one might be familiar with some of these terms, it can be overwhelming to come across terms and technologies they do not have adequate knowledge of. Not all job seekers have a high level of technical expertise. However, they surely can gain the most in-demand tech skills through Revature training programs. Revature reviews underlines that the company has helped several candidates to acquire valuable tech training and succeed in a tech career.

Revature reviews talks about various vital tech terminologies

Development and operations (DevOps) is among the trending approaches for software development. It involves automating workflow and infrastructure, while measuring app performance constantly. DevOps is a type of a work culture that particularly aids operations teams and developers in improving their productivity and collaboration. Each and every curriculum followed by Revature is incubated in the DevOps mind set. All of their trained candidates have the capability to develop, test and use a continuous integration pipeline in each project.

Cloud computing is another important, and common tech terminology. In many ways, cloud computing has proven to be a game changer for businesses of diverse sizes, which have unlimited expectations but constrained resources. Instead of paying a fixed expense for on-site storage and computing power, cloud computing allows companies to access these resources simply with a few keystrokes. As opposed to a direct connection to a server that delivers IT services, in the case of cloud computing, resources are retrieved through web-based apps and tools. Cloud services are broadly divided into three categories, Software-as-a-Service (Saas.), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Revature reviews mention that the company puts a keen focus on full-stack training programs, as most modern apps are deployed through the cloud. They use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud provider for their Java program. Revature .NET curriculum additionally uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud. They also run Cloud Administration programs for Azure, AWS, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform.)

In the current landscape, using Business Process Management or BPM system can prove to be the ideal way to achieve industry goals. It helps companies to competently improve their business processes. BPM software has become quite popular today as well. Business Analysis program offered by Revature incorporates a range of projects that includes BPM. One of these projects involves reverse-engineering, an existing software application. In another BPM project, the team members have to elicit requirements while working together with developers to build a new app. PEGA is BPM technology that is utilized by Revature for many of their projects, as it allows for rapid analysis, design, and introduction change.

Full-stack programming is a common term seen in tech job listings. It is basically defined as working on any segment of the development process. It is a process of developing the front-end design that users experience, a high-performing database schema, as well as back-end design that makes the application work. Full-stack training ultimately leads to a mastery level of programming. Full-stack programming is additionally involved in every element of the training programs conducted by Revature.

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