The Benefits of Window Shades for Your Semi Truck

The Benefits of Window Shades for Your Semi Truck


Window shades are among the most popular semi truck accessories. Whether you want to block direct sunlight from your eyes or the cab or keep climate-controlled air inside, there are window-covering solutions suitable for any rig on the road.

Professional drivers depend on window shades for trucks to block sun, increase road visibility and maintain cooler interior cab temperatures. For a relatively small investment in window shades or screens, it is possible to make a lasting improvement in the comfort, efficiency and security of your rig.

Stay Cool

Even a simple windshield or side-window sunshade designed to provide a fit for the majority of models of a particular make of truck can drop average temperatures in the cabin by what feels like 25 degrees. Customized window shades or screens provide a more precise fit for particular year models of major truck makes. Choose from durable, high-quality window shade materials such as vinyl-encased foam or louvered steel.

It may be possible to prevent fog buildup and increase airflow with ventshades, ventvisors and  other Iowa 80 semi truck parts. Depending on the number of windows on which you want to install shading and your preferred window shade designs and materials, you may spend a little or a lot on these useful accessories.

Protect Your Gear

Any window shades that you use on a regular basis can increase your privacy and the security of any gear you keep in the cab. If you have a lot invested in accessories and upgrades to make your rig more comfortable and personalized, there’s no reason to shirk on window shades.

Keep in mind that using shades will temporarily reduce your ability to keep a close eye on your surroundings. For this reason, you may want to pick up a wireless security camera or another security solution for monitoring and recording your dash or the area immediately around your cab or cargo.

Maximize Performance

Taking measures to block sunlight from the interior and limit the high end of cab temperatures can reduce strain on the APU, cooling and heating systems in a truck. An investment in a custom window cover set for a certain truck make and year model may pay off over time in the form of increased efficiency and reduced part wear.

The right window screens, shades or accessories can help to keep cool air in the cab while you drive in hot weather and ensure that you stay cozy behind the wheel all winter long. Window vents and visors can also prevent fogging while promoting air flow throughout the cab. A winterfront designed to fit the front grille of a truck can also help to sustain engine efficiency in cold weather.

Screens and shades vary in price depending on whether a particular product is universal to a make or delivers a precise fit for the windshield, side windows or other windows on a certain year model of truck. Consider any climate control, glare or heat issues you face on routes and any other determining factors to choose the right window shades for your rig.

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