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Modern LifeStyle Living


It is challenging to determine and define the idea of modernity in these times, since the line between advanced and modern is thin. Since the idea of modernity is slightly problematic to define, the same thing goes with the principle of modern man.

We can all agree that modern lifestyle living is completely different from traditional perspective that happened back in the day. However, life has become more challenging and pressured than before, which is the main reason that affects both mental and physical health.

Happiness in Modern Life

According to studies conducted by anthropologists’ and sociologists, we have become much wealthier and richer in the last few decades.

Of course, in here,we are talking about material wealth, but that did not make us happier than before, which is why the identity crisis has increased especially among people that have large earnings.

The material wealth allowed us to have a greater access to material goods than before, but when we reach the certain wealth, these things stop giving us the happiness and fulfillment that we strive for.

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Therefore, the main way to reach happiness in modern days is to think about non-material goods that surround us such as relationships, friendships, and sense of purpose among other things.

However, the culture of consumerism tends to promote only material things, which gratify us so that we forget about things that are vital for our wellbeing’s.

Modern lifestyles tend to affect our mental health because they create numerous challenges that are not relevant to our aspirations.

That is the main reason why in 2007, more than 34 million antidepressant prescriptions were dispensed in the UK alone, and in the USA the number is amazingly higher.

Modern Lifestyle Creates

Pressures That Modern Lifestyle Creates

Since the daily lives include facing numerous pressures and influences, it is challenging to determine your identity, which brings us to moments in which people are not satisfied with themselves in general.

For instance, the constant pressure to look a certain way, or to be a specific type of person and to reach particular type of success as well as live a lifestyle that appeals to modern times, is something that we cannot achieve, but we are pressurized to try.

The raise of media and technology allows us to be influenced on daily basis through numerous sources including newspapers, television, workplaces, the education system and our friends and family.

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They represent a bubble that surrounds us, and provide us with the specific perspective and view that we should follow and like, which creates a pressure that we have to share the same worldviews and opinions as them.

For instance, people that surround us can make us feel dissatisfied with what we have and who we are, which will prevent us to see the things as they really are, but we tend to strive to reach something we do not want in general.

This is one of the greatest treats of modern lifestyle, which is closely connected to our inability to see ourselves as we are without comparison and frustration.

Modern Lifestyle

Complexity of Modern Lifestyle

Apart from things that we’ve mentioned above, you should have in mind that we live in the world which is highly complicated when compared with past.

The information age is filled with data and possibilities to choose numerous options, and due to vast array of choices, we are never satisfied with the current one.

For instance, you just have to check the ingredients in some product you purchased in the grocery store to see that one simple thing such as chocolate bar goes thousands of miles from other country to the shelf in the supermarket you are.

Therefore, the production and process of distribution as well as ingredients used is something that constantly change and we do not care about production process unless it affects us personally.

Everthing depends on cause and effect, and the complexity of this world can lead to numerous problems that surround us.

For instance, too many options means that we will not be able to choose the right one without thinking that the next one is better, which means that we are losing control of our lives.

Since the information age brings the ability to reach any data in matter of seconds, we constantly feel overwhelmed and that creates uncertainty and question whether the truth exist in modern times.

How To Live and Survive In Modern Times?

The first thing you need so that you can handle the life that surround us is the ability to understand how to approach yourself. We are talking about the ability to understand who you are, and how to reach the individual perfection in modern world.

The best way to do it is through self-determination, but you have to follow some important tips that will help you along the way:

1.      Slow Down and Get the Perspective

Since the everyday life is intense, it is vital to understand how to slow down and gain perspective on world around you.

It is simple to lose the understanding of the big picture, especially if you are materially better than others are which is why you always have to be certain about your position.

Finding your place in this vast universe is challenging, which is why perspective will keep you in the reality, and provide you more realistic approach on problems and worries that you have to handle.

This is highly important when you are in stressful situation, because taking step back and assessing the situation will bring you one-step closer to success, which is not something you can do if you follow impulsive emotions and instincts.

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2.      Create Your Identity

When it comes to personal identity, you need to understand whom you are, what makes you happy and what you wish to achieve from life. This is highly important in the complex world in which we live in that is full of choices and numerous pressures and influences around us.

Therefore, you have to be able to assess the right from wrong, and create your genuine perspective that will not be affected by people that try to instil the influence inside us.

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