Top 10 Best Fielders In IPL | Indian Premier League 2022 Ranking

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) grabs everyone’s attention because the Cricketers are selected from other Cricket teams to play in the IPL. The game allows a maximum of five fielders to be on the ground. It is a fact that most of the time, we are concerned about the best batsman who would make the most runs or the best bowler who could take a wicket, but how often do we give credit to the fielders around the field and in the Cricket news?

Let us acknowledge the best fielders that IPL schedule has ever seen:

1. Ravindra Jadeja

He is acknowledged as one of the greatest fielders in Cricket history. He has the trust of M.S. Dhoni and has been relied on by him for his batting skills. He has made a total of 74 catches in his career in IPL.

2. A.B. De Villiers

He is acknowledged as one of the best Cricketers in the history of Cricket news in Hindi. He is a great batsman and also a great fielder. He has made 85 catches in his career in IPL and is also an excellent wicketkeeper.

3. Trent Boult

A man with a lot of experience, known for his international Cricket skills, was added to the IPL team in 2020. Boult has been known for some phenomenal catches that he has taken in his IPL career.

4. Suresh Raina

Along with being a great batter, Suresh Raina is also a great fielder. He is known to help his team win the match by showcasing his skills. He has made a record of 104 catches and 5,000 runs in his IPL career.

5. Kieron Pollard

One of the tallest bowlers in the history of Cricket, he is a great bowler and a great fielder. He has made a record of 92 catches in his IPL career and has played a significant role in his team’s wins.

6. Hardik Pandya

He is considered one of the top players in the Indian Cricket team. His fielding, as well as his batting skills, have made the most contribution to his all-rounder title. He made a total of 50 catches in his IPL career.

7.Glenn Maxwell

He is one of the fiercest Cricketers. He has a record of 89 catches in his IPL career and has a great history otherwise also for making runs and catches. He is called one of the best finishers in Cricket.

8. Ben Stokes

Known as one of the best all-rounders of all time, he has a record of 43 catches in his IPL career. He is very well known for his records in making runs as well. He has always been in great demand during auctions.

9. Steve Smith

He is considered one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world. Making a total of 51 catches in his IPL career, he has made it to the list of the best fielders of IPL.

10.Virat Kohli

With the biggest fan following in India, he is known as the ‘Run Machine’ by his fans. He is popularly called to be one of the greatest batsmen. He has an outstanding record of 79 catches and 6,067 runs.

The Bottom Line

The best fielders in IPL matches have made it to this list with their splendid records. While the list consisted of some of the best all-rounders, it is essential to understand that the list keeps changing every year, and these players have given us some of the best moments in the history of IPL. Delhi Capitals has also been a strong team so far.

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