Try the Best Italian Cuisine In Melbourne With Australian Touch

Try the Best Italian Cuisine In Melbourne With Australian Touch


Are you ready to try the best Santoni Pizza? In every corner of the world, people love Italian food. No matter what kind of food we eat at our house, but the moment we go out, the first dish that comes to mind is Pizza. If you are also looking for an Italian restaurant and bar in Melbourne, then come and try Santoni Pizza.

Santoni opened around the year 2007. However, the restaurant really rose to fame when they started expanding their dishes to exotic Italian cuisine. They truly celebrate the art and joy of the Italian cuisine and spread to the delight to their customers as well. With the rooftop bar, the iconic Glenferrie Road view, and Italian food makes Santoni spectacular at three incredible levels.

To keep up with their customer’s expectations, Santoni has built menus that consist of fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and the authentic taste of Italy. Due to their services, they have become one of the most fabulous destinations for food and drinks in Melbourne.

No matter what time of the day you arrive at Santoni, they will be ready to take your orders. Create a feast that will satisfy your hunger and soul completely. Along with the food and drinks, they love hosting a party. So, if you are looking to throw a party for your friends and family, then choose the Santoni Rooftop bar for it. They not only have the space that you will need for various events but also has the perfect vibe.

You can even host a private party with a minimum of 10 people. Take a look at the lunch and dinner menus and pick the food of your choice. To make sure that they offer you the best possible services, tell them a few things about the type of event you wish to host. They will make sure that everything is well-prepared for you without any compromise. Don’t forget to give us authentic details to get back to you.

The food services include various items on the menu that you can have during Breakfast, lunch, and dinner time.

  • Mozzarella Bar, Pasta, Dolce, Contorni, Pizza, etc.
  • Set Menu for different sizes of groups such as a group of 4 people, 8, 10, and more.
  • Try out the Wines, Champagne, Beers, Spirits, Liqueurs, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, and mocktails with Santoni.

Santoni invites you to come and experience the authentic Italian food in Hawthorn with the top restaurant and bar in Melbourne. They fuse the seasonal local ingredients with the rich heritage of Italian dishes and create a new recipe that the customers love.

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