What are Cloud Computing Solutions?

Cloud Computing Solutions


Cloud computing refers to an on-demand service that offers computer resources such as computing power and data storage via the internet, eliminating the need for users to manage the servers. A ‘cloud’ comprises a pool of servers found in various data centers all over the world. Using cloud computing allows companies to make data access easy for their users. It also saves them a lot of money that traditionally was used to run data centers.

With a cloud computing service such as Microsoft Cloud Solutions, users do not have to run software on their own devices, nor do companies have to run and manage the servers. It especially helps small businesses that do not have enough capital to run their own data centers to operate effectively at a low cost. Besides, the service makes it easier for companies to offer their service internationally because users and employees can access similar files anywhere on the globe.

Using cloud computing solutions, users can easily access the same applications and files from any device. That is because storage and computing arise on servers in data centers rather than on a local device. Using this model, users can log in to their Microsoft Office 365 account on a brand-new laptop after their old laptop wrecks. Besides, they will find their account’s data intact as it was on the old device. The same model is used by social media providers such as Instagram and Twitter, or by email service providers such as Gmail or Yahoo, or cloud storage service providers such as Google Drive and DropBox.

How Does It Work?

The basis of cloud computing is a technology called virtualization that enables creating a digital-only, simulated ‘virtual computer. The simulated virtual computer has all the operational characteristics of a physical computer without having the hardware part. Such virtual computers are termed virtual machines.

Effective virtualization implementation allows virtual machines using the same host device to sandbox (separate using a security mechanism) from one another. In this model, these separate and independent programs are invisible to other virtual machines even when on the same computer. The concept protects files and applications from crashing in the event of a system failure.

Furthermore, virtual machines are effective because they make effective use of hardware components of the server. One single server can run multiple virtual machines, making a single server serve as multiple servers, serving multiple organizations. That helps lower the costs of operations for computer service providers because one machine serves many organizations.

Besides, cloud backup services allow organizations to secure their files and applications on multiple servers across several regions should there be a system crash. That way, files can be accessible all the time to their users.

Final Thoughts

Cloud computing has been rising over the last decade, with more companies shifting to the model to support their service systems. It allows companies to save on operational costs while allowing users to access their files and applications on virtually any device globally with an internet connection.

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