What Colors to Use to make your Living Room more attractive

What Colors to Use to make your Living Room more attractive


Most people forget the importance of the colors used in a room. Your living room is one of the most important parts of your house, as this is the place where all the family members gather together, and the one area that is open to the guests. When you choose the right colors for your living room, you can expect all of them to feel amazing during their stay in the chamber. Firstly, you need to make sure your designer has followed all the basic principles of living room design to use the available space in the best possible way.

Soothing Green Color

One of the most amazing interior designing ideas is to use green color in your room. Use of green color gives that unique fresh natural tropical look to your room. With this one used to decorate your living room, every time you and your guests enter the area, you’re bound to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Now, you don’t really need to use the same shade of green. You can use different shades of green like mint green or sea foam green on different walls. Or you can ensure that a shade transitions into another one on the same wall. The idea is to incorporate coherence in the colors that you use in your room. You can extend the color to your ceiling and floor too.

Crispy White Color

White Color can prove to be yet another interesting color to incorporate in your living room. There are so many benefits of using white color, and one of the most important ones is that it makes your room look clean, bright and spacious. And this is one quality that your living room must have. A dark living room might cause your guest to get claustrophobic or suffocated. You can use the color white especially if you have a small living room. You can make the walls, ceiling, and floor white, and complement it
with gold and a side black. To achieve white floors you may choose white ceramic tiles or White Wooden Flooring designs. The color white or any color that you use in your living room can have psychological impacts. In the case of white, the color stands for peace and purity. So, it’s natural for people to feel calm in a surrounding as such.

Lovely Blue Color

An amazing benefit of using the color blue in your living room is that you could feel that you’re on vacation despite being at home. There are so many shades and finishes associated with color blue that you can experiment with. You can go with plain finish or a glossy one. You could use sky blue or ocean blue, whatever lifts up your mood. You don’t have to be limited to ceiling, floor and wall to experiment with colors. You can also introduce furniture that has the same color, or the ones that compliment these colors. Psychologically, depending on the shade, the color blue represents emotions such as serenity, wisdom, loyalty, truth and so many more.

Timeless Gray Color

A lot of people believe that it’s not really a good idea to use a color like gray on the walls, or on any side of the living room, for a simple reason that it makes everything look bland. Well, one of the most crucial benefits of using gray on the walls is that it allows you to use other colors on the items that you’d install in your living room. Unlike other colors, with gray on your wall, you don’t have to worry about the color on your electronics matching with that of the wall. You can let your imagination run wild. Gray color represents emotions such as practicality and neutrality. The color would never get old, as it is one of the timeless classics as the name tells.

Gentle Pink Color

The idea behind your living room is to keep it as soft as it can get. Keeping the tone of your living room down doesn’t overwhelm the guests as much. They can gel in comfortably and feel great. One of the colors that allow you to achieve that is pink. Quite like other colors, pink also has shades, and one of the best ones is coral pink. You can go with it mainly on your walls. Psychologically, pink is one of our most preferred colors, as it makes anything look more appealing. The fact that it stands for emotions like love, romance and calmness should also influence you to use pink in your living rooms. But don’t forget to get matching furniture.

Exciting Crimson Color

When it comes to using colors in the living room, people generally tend to avoid red. It is for a simple reason that they don’t want their room to look like a fire brigade vehicle. Also, a shiny red is way too loud to be used in rooms. The alternative however for people who love the color red is to go with crimson. It’s dark, and yet, it’s subtle, and most importantly it carries all the psychological values of the color red like energy, intensity, warmth, and many more. One of the things that you’ll have to be careful about, not just when you use crimson, but other dark colors as well is that you have to be careful about the colors of other items in the living room.

One of the things that impacts the look and feel of your living room, especially when it comes to color, is the taste. There are some who are naturally good with colors. They know exactly what goes with what. However, there are few who require help in this regard. Now, if you’re the second kind, make sure that you hire professional help, in this case, an interior designer to help you out with all the planning and execution regarding the colors to be used inside the living room. With the help of a professional, you will surely get the living room of your dreams.

The colors mentioned above are only the few among many that you can experiment with. Always remember, you might have a living room with luxurious amenities, but with the incorporation of a bad overpowering color, you can make the people sitting in it uncomfortable. Make the right decision by thinking deeply about what color to use in your living room.

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