What Should Parents Be Knowing About Infant Swim Lessons

Knowing About Infant Swim Lessons


As parents, the very thought of putting your infant in the deep water of the pool can send shivers down the spine. That is a picture that many parents won’t like to conceive in their mind. Days, have however changed and so has the thought process of parents. Nowadays, parents are not afraid of taking the bold step of introducing their infants to water. A good number of parents are opting for infant swim lessons which they believe is an eye opener to them, as well as, a very unique and life changing experience for the child and the parents.

For those who are still skeptical, and are standing aside judging the right and wrong of this decision of parents, are probably unaware of the benefits of introducing the infant to the beauty of swimming.

First of all, it is better to get your wrong beliefs straightened out. There is a common myth that babies and infants are not able to swim. To say that it is not completely true. Babies and infants are known to have reflex action that moves their hands and legs in a swimming motion. Also, they have a great ability to control their breathing. The ability to move their hands and legs sort of disappears soon after they are 6 months of age. Hence, parents should start earlier. On the onset, it would be hard for them to keep their heads floating out of the water and breathe. So, parents should be around to support their infant while they are at it. Those who impart infant swim lessons also teach babies and infants how to control their breath when they go underwater.

There is no reason to think that your baby will not love the water. They would love to get in the pool with you and have some great time. Getting into the pool is not a new experience for them as it gives them the natural feeling of being in their mother’s womb. The circumstances being similar, keeps them mentally at peace and they don’t get scared.

At the same time, being exposed to the color, sound and touch of the water heighten your child’s senses. Some babies may be a little cranky at first, but parents need to be patient with the mood changes. They should try to understand and share the experience that their baby is having. It is a totally different experience for them and as parents, it is their responsibility to make them feel safe and get the best out of this experience.

Getting into the pool together also helps enhance and strengthen the parent child relationship. The splashing and paddling in the eater is not just fun, but it also stress relieving for the parent. Being introduced to water at such an early stage also helps the child to grow confident and not fearful of water.

Parents have a big role to play in the upbringing of their baby. Small lessons at an early stage helps a child to grow stronger. Getting them introduced to swimming is just one of the small stepping stones.

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