What Sort of Alzheimer’s Home Care Colorado Springs CO is Right For Your Loved One?

Home Care Colorado Springs


There are those who hear a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and immediately think that moving to a nursing facility is the only choice. That’s not always the case. Depending on the condition of the loved one, it may be possible to continue living in the home for a number of years. Help in the form of Alzheimer’s home care Colorado Springs CO is the key.

Here are some of the forms that the help can take.

Companion Services

The focus here is on ensuring there are care givers who can provide some degree of supervision for your loved one. This can provide the chance to get out for fresh air with walks, visit with other people, or basically engage in any type of activity that helps keep your loved one engaged and feeling happy.

The presence of the companion also ensures that if there is a momentary lapse that results in feeling confused or unsure of location, someone is there to calm your loved one down and help get things back on track.

Personal Care

With this condition, some daily tasks that used to be second nature become difficult to manage. Part of the care involves stepping in and providing whatever assistance your loved one needs. This can mean providing help with bathing and getting dressed. It may also take the form of providing help with eating, toilet matters, and even getting some type of exercise each day.

The goal is to strike a balance between what the loved one is capable of managing and what activities will require assistance. A trained care giver will readily assess how your loved one is doing at the moment, and know how much support to provide.

Housekeeping and General Care

Living with this condition can seriously hinder the ability to take care of the home. That includes things like dusting, vacuuming, managing the laundry, and a number of other basic housekeeping activities. A care giver can take on those tasks and ensure your loved one has a clean and comfortable environment.

At the same time, the scope of the Alzheimer’s home care Colorado Springs CO can extend to meal preparation. Nutrition is essential for your loved one, so that means meals that are balanced and also appeal to his or her tastes. The care giver can see to the shopping, the meal preparation, and the cleaning up after each meal.

Skilled Care

Skilled care typically includes help with medical tasks that your loved one needs on some type of regular basis. This could involve ensuring oral medications are taken on time, or administering injections of medication as ordered by a doctor.

Wound care may also be one of the services offered, such as changing dressing on open wounds, applying salves or creams for skin conditions, and whatever else is needed to help maintain health. Unlike some of the other forms of care, it’s not unusual for a trained medical professional to manage this sort of support for your loved one.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease does not have to mean living in a nursing facility. Based on the your loved one’s current state, home care could be the answer for now. Contact a local agency and go over your options. It won’t take long to identify the right way to proceed.

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