When does cyber bullying start & how you can prevent it?

When does cyber bullying start & how you can prevent it


Cyber bullying is one of the biggest challenges parents are going through within the modern age. The current world internet access is a very ordinary thing on mobile phone devices and on the other hand, contemporary cell phones empower you to use plenty of social messaging apps, and browsing activities. Now the question arises when does cyber bully get started and how you can prevent it. Online bullying is in large number among the youth who get used to of social media apps and websites on their mobile phones.

They get used to doing messaging, chats conversations, shared media such as photos and videos and last but not least interact with the strangers online. Therefore, most of the time they got bullied online through sexual and abusive language or behavior and further got teased through sexual suggestive possess. Young kids and teens who have created multiple social media accounts and then share their private photos and add online friends mostly encounter with the cyber bullies no time ever before.

The latest research stated that almost 1 in 2 people encounter with some sort of bullying in real –life or in the cyber world before reaching the 20th birthday. We know fully how much difficult to go through with the cyber bullying or bullying in real –life. However, the trauma of bullying online facing become more swear if the victim doesn’t understand the psychology of bullying. We have discussed earlier why cyber bullying get starts; now onward we will discuss how you can prevent it.

Ways to prevent cyber bullying?


The best way to prevent cyber bullying is too aware of the masses about the cyber bullies, their psychology, and to make conversations about it. Simply, discuss with it your child before he/she is going to become a digital citizen; I mean to before you have over a digital smartphone connected with the cyberspace. Guide your children or teens about the online bullying and reasons behind bullies online got attracted towards them online at social media platforms in particular.  Tell them don’t respond and try to ignore the bullies online material received via cell phone or from social media apps and websites.

Use celebrity card

Youngsters these days are highly obsessed with celebrities and they want to be like them. Therefore, encourage your children as much as possible to follow the celebrities on social media they love to. Currently, celebrities are also getting used to of vows against cyber bullying and they mostly share things that aware the masses against the brutal fact of cyber bullying. So, parents can play the celebrity card to aware children about cyber bullying to the fullest.

Engage parent & youth

You can build a community online that works against the bullies and cyber bullying and send messages against the bullying online. Besides, you can also create a school safety committee that holds and discuss the issues of bullying online and deal with it professionally. Besides, you can organize a get to gather of parents and children to aware them about cyber bullying.

Restore self –respect

Always keep in mind that the major aim is to build or restore the self –respect of the victim who has been got bullied online. Therefore, the discussion is very necessary before you go for the conclusion or to respond. You can make sure a get to gather of parents of the victims of and the parents of the bullies to deal with the issue.

 Monitor kid’s online activity

Nowadays parents can simply monitor kids and teens cell phone and tablets connected with the internet. They can use cell phone monitoring software to get the job done. Parents can prevent cyber bullying and even prevent your child to be a bully online. They can remotely get to know about the social media activities of the children in terms of texting, conversations, interaction with the strangers and sharing photos and videos that could become the reasons for cyber bullying. Parents can stay updated about their online activities to the fullest to make sure their kid online safety and prevention form cyber bullying.


Cell phone spy software is the best way to prevent kids and teens from cyber bullying because it remotely updates you about children online activities in real –time.

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