Why it is safer to fly business-class in the Era of Covid-19. Here is what experts say

Why it is safer to fly business-class in the Era of Covid-19


With the current pandemic shifting priorities and making health the foremost concern, when planning your next trip, it is valuable to analyze the options beforehand and pick the one that aligns with your priorities the most. Travel experts have done just that. While taking everything into account, they have produced a surprising answer:  business class seats are, for the first time, the better option regardless of what you are used to. Here are the most evident, as well as some surprising reasons for why that might be the case:

1. Social distancing

One of the main components of business class offers is the promise of personal space. For example, with Lufthansa business tickets you are typically afforded your station, with the neighboring one being empty. There you can feel as safe as you need, given that all distancing measures are respected. There is nothing to worry about, as you will be fully respecting the social distancing rule. Overall, it is a more comfortable and leisurely experience, when compared to other classes. You have more room, with less health risk since you are not sharing your space with two to three other people!

2. Additional benefits

More space for yourself is not the only thing first-class tickets can offer to reduce the likelihood of an infection. Priority boarding and special airport lounges allow you to spend less time near other people, reducing the rate of infection. The extra measures are taken, such as pre-packaged snacks, sanitizer, and wet-wipe packs all help make your ride that much more care-free, as there are fewer things to worry about. In addition to thorough disinfection of the entire airplane between flights, these safety measures will help ensure your safety on board.

3. Cost-benefit analysis

With fewer people traveling in general right now, airlines are offering better fares for business class flights. While before the prices may have seemed too high, currently they may be exactly right for your needs. The best way to figure out whether a business-class flight is appropriate for you is to compare the risks of getting infected, with the price difference, while keeping in mind what your budget allows. If you have flight points to spare, the extra precautions taken for business-class flights are worth the investment. When else would it be the best time to spend them, if not now?

4. Health-factors to take into consideration

It is a well-known fact that stress, sleep, and the food you eat can have a direct impact on your immune system. That means that fresher, more carefully selected meals available on airplanes, in addition to highly-friendly and accommodating staff can make your flight not only more pleasant but also healthier. The Singapore Airlines business class options, for example, feature a full meal you can reserve, and a fully-reclining seat, meaning you can finally get a full night’s rest during your flight.

5. Peace of mind

All these measures serve not only to protect your physical health but also your mental wellbeing. Traveling during a pandemic is already stressful enough, avoid excess worries by picking a business class option that cares about you. Another notable example is the Turkish Airlines business class option, where every question can be freely answered and all precautions are taken to ensure you get the best flight possible.

As you can see, there are a substantial number of reasons to choose business class now, especially if you are keeping your health in mind. Have a safe flight!

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