Why Musicians Are Hired On Weddings



When you prepare for a wedding, what do you usually prepare for? The venue, the photographers, the flowers, the dress, the food, the invites, the giveaways, the video, the photo booth, the number of guests, the budget, the key role players like the best man, the flower girl, bridesmaid, and the parents! (who can forget about the parents right?). So when you finally got on with your marriage and it finally came to the reception. The wedding was touching, the food is great, people are merely talking and it feels like nothing can go wrong.

Except there’s one fine detail you forgot and so did your wedding planner and your wedding coordinator. The problem is the environment was still, there’s a certain quiet that can only be filled with music. And that is is exactly the little thing that you forgot, so little but can directly affect the ambience of the whole room through the mood that it brings. Surely you already know a few reasons why, but why should you hire musicians for your events?

It changes the mood: Music can alter the mood not just in the place but also in the people that are in the place. What most people don’t know is that although music isn’t the most expensive thing that most couples pay on their weddings, it’s one of the essential things that are in it and surely the presence will be felt. There are many types of music but most couples prefer the acoustic ones since it can easily blend into the moment and people aren’t bothered by it. It neutral and fits the romantic theme that people are going for.

It enhances the emotion: Music is food for the soul. It reaches people’s emotions significantly into a point that it can already alter it. If people aren’t in the groove to dance, the music will make them, it can put your guests are manic the music can relax them. If the celebration is over the music can make the environment subtle making people know that the show is already over. If you love listening to music you will be able to appreciate it even more. Even rock stars and heavy metal members that get married still has some romantic and subtle music on their playlist during weddings.

It’s not that expensive: There’s a reason why some people forget about the wedding musicians and that is because hiring wedding musicians doesn’t cost that much unless you hired an A list artist to sing in your wedding. Some photographers and video graphers are even charging more on their service than these guys which makes them friendlier on the pocket. Although that is their pricing, the fact is, what they do is so much more than what they get paid. There are many factors as to why their pricing are a bit cheaper and that is because of the steep competition and also based on the genre that they are playing on.

There’s a good reason why people hire musicians in their weddings. Its not just mere tradition, but because it makes everyone sing, dance and relax whenever the music is played. There’s a good reason why it’s considered as food for the soul. If you need acoustic music for Weddings and Corporate events, visit the link.

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