You think you Don’t Need a Security Camera for Home: Here are 5 Reasons you may be Wrong

Need a Security Camera for Home


Do you think that you can do away without using security cameras for your home? Well, mentioned in this post are five reasons that may make you think otherwise. Keep reading.

Keeping your home secure is imperative and you cannot compromise with it at any cost. If you think that you are better off without a security camera for your home, then here are five reasons that might prove you wrong.

  1. Door Locks are not Enough: You might think that you can protect your house by merely having the door locks in place. While they are effective, especially the new and advanced ones, but they can’t provide 100% protection from thieves and burglars. However, installing security cameras might. Modern security cameras don’t just capture videos, but they also send distress signals and alarms to you (wherever you may be), your neighbours and local authorities. Moreover, as per many studies, criminals are more likely to stay away from your house once they detect that the security camera is in place.
  2. It is not Possible to Monitor Everything Physically at Once: No matter how vigilant you are, you can certainly not simultaneously monitor the areas surrounding your house. This is when security cameras can be helpful. Security cameras help you in monitoring the perimeter of your place from the comfort of the inside of your home. You do not have to go out of your house to see and check who has visited or the movement in your backyard at the same time. This is especially perfect for elderly citizens or a house with kids who stay by themselves as it helps them feel secure.
  3. The evidence is as Important as Catching the Criminal: Many people rely on the security guards of their house or apartment to give them round the clock security. Swift action is crucial to increase the chances of recovering the stolen items. A captured image of the thief provides a strong piece of evidence for authorities to act swiftly. Moreover, just catching the thief is not going to solve the problem. For the thief to be convicted, it has to be proven in the court. A security camera does just that. Thus, it helps during the investigation and might as well help you in recovering the loss after catching the thief. While security guards are important to keep the security in check, a camera surely is needed in today’s times of increasing crimes.
  4. Technology is More Reliable: While you might think that you can protect your family single-handedly, it is always advisable to opt for a technical solution that you can rely upon. You do not have to be cautious every single day once you have security cameras installed. It will give you peace of mind and a sense of security as you can check the log whenever you want to and look at what happened even a few days or weeks back depending on the storage capacity.
  5. Insurance Benefit: Having security cameras in your house helps in insurance deduction as well. This is an indirect yet significant benefit of installing a security camera for home. The security of your home plays an important role in the evaluation of your insurance policy. If your property is safe, thanks to the security cameras, then the chances of you claiming your insurance reduce significantly. This is why insurance providers factor this and reduce the policy premium.

 Thus, it is highly recommended to install security cameras in your house for better security and protection. It is a practical solution that will keep the crime at bay. However, you should find the right type of security camera for your abode depending upon whether you stay in an apartment or an independent house.

The threat isn’t just intruders getting into your house anymore– It’s also thieves swiping packages off your welcome mat after they’ve been dropped off. Check out the infographic below for tips on how you can prevent porch piracy from happening to you!

farm security cameras

Infographic provided by Eye Trax, a farm security cameras provider

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