3 Top Reasons To Go Into Dentistry as a Profession

3 Top Reasons To Go Into Dentistry as a Profession


You may have visited a Brooklyn dentist, been impressed by your dentist’s helpfulness and wondered whether you should pursue a career in dentistry yourself. A classic, well-known career for a reason, dentistry offers excellent personal and professional rewards. Whether you’re starting your dental school applications now or are simply considering all your options, there are countless reasons why pursuing a dentistry career can present some unique advantages.

1. There’s a Surprising Degree of Work Flexibility

The most common stereotype of dentists is that they work at the helm of their own offices. However, dentists actually enjoy a surprising degree of flexibility with their work. For instance, besides being sole proprietors of dental clinics, dentists also have the option to work for certain hospitals, or in some cases to focus on dental research. Additionally, dentistry offers the opportunity to further specialize. You can focus on orthodontics, public health, pediatric dentistry and more.

2. It’s a Lucrative and Prestigious Career Path

Finances or prestige aren’t the only reason to pursue a dentistry career, but they certainly don’t hurt. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for all dentists is just under $160,000 a year, significantly more than the annual mean wage across all occupations of around $53,000. Additionally, because becoming a dentist requires a professional degree, it tends to be an impressive and prestigious career path as well.

3. You Can Give Back Every Day

Apart from intellectual freedom and financial rewards, one aspect of their job many dentists enjoy is the ability to help others and give back to the community at work every day. As a dentist, you help community members care for their health, which improves their quality of life.

It’s often easy to take your dentist for granted, but these professionals contribute to their local communities and work to help improve oral health. While it sometimes flies under the radar, a career in dentistry can provide countless lifelong advantages.

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