5 Good Reasons Why you should Choose Public Speaking as a Career

5 Good Reasons Why you should Choose Public Speaking as a Career


One of the most crucial skills for any career-minded person is to develop his or her public speaking skills. Corporate spend millions of dollars yearly going to the public speaking workshops and hiring public speakers.

Public speaking offers you the opportunity to grow your leadership, influence, and career.  The following are ways that public speaking can help you move forward in your career.

1  It has less competition

Many people are nervous about public speaking. Standing in front of a multitude crowd giving a speech is not easy at all. If you believe in yourself and think that you can make an excellent public speaker, go for it. There is less competition in public speaking. Chances are, if you market yourself correctly, you will get many clients.

2  Public speaking makes you more visible

A public speaker has a more recognised voice. When people see you standing in front of 50 or 500 people to give a speech, they may come to you as the spokesperson or leader. The more you continue giving speech, the more you will get opportunities for your career. People will remember you and start seeing you with authority. Public speaking can make you famous in your organisation and be more visible.

3  Public speaking can help you to gain a significant clarity of message

If you sharpen your skills and become an excellent speaker, you can figure out precisely what you want to say. You can filter words well to fit your audience. A public speaker can take an idea or a narrative thread, and make it a focus of his speech. He or she will take the thread and use it to guide the audience through the message.

Excellent public speaking is all about filtering information and providing information. If you can communicate in a simple and understanding way, you will be able to communicate efficiently to a huge crowd.

4  Public speaking is leadership

In public speaking, you should speak in a way that changes people’s perspective. If you can master that skill, change minds and hearts, and learn how to convince them, you will be already sharpening one of the primary components of leadership.

If you can speak in public to several people, you are more likely to do it in a more personalized setting. Leaders need the capacity to bring change, public speaking skills are vital in mastering that ability.

5  Public speaking helps you connect with people [if done with empathy]

As an upcoming speaker, you will learn how to be zealous at the right time and how to be vulnerable at other times. This will make people connect with you more. Public speaking can help you in your career by increasing alliances, trust and likes.

If you speak facts and can relate well with your audience, public speaking can make you “the peoples’ person” in your organization or to the public. Connect with your personal experiences, share your stories, and you will be surprised at how much you can connect with the audience.

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