5 Important Tricks For Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading


Intraday traders are not strangers to the volatility of the market. They depend on it for profit. However, regular trading can be incredibly stressful but not risky because of the fast market movements and short closing windows.

If you are moving towards the journey, it can be dangerous or challenging to play the game “buy low sell high.” It needs ample research and the proper strategies that witness successful trading in intraday trading.

In this article, we will tell you the 5 tricks for intraday trading that you should follow.

1. Do the homework

Using the right techniques and reading the trading chart is not enough when you are engaged in online intraday trading. If you want to succeed in trading, you have to make your position at the top of market happenings that affects the stock values.

From the new interest rate plans to economic predictions, it is suggested to know all the basic and important intraday trading information that helps you make an informed decision while selling and buying the process.

2. Decide the stop loss level.

There is always the chance of falling the LTP in share market (last traded price) after you pick it, no matter which position you adopt the strategies. To reduce your losses, intraday trading online permits you to set the stop loss level that acts like the safety net for the way to lower your selected stock that falls before the position is squared off.

Once you complete the research on the buy-sell recommendations, do not forget to decide on the price at which you are ready to exit the trading if any loss occurs.

3. Know when to quit

This tip is acquired when things are not progressing according to the intraday trading plan online. It is suggested to quit intraday trading when the situations diverge from your plan instead of taking the risk.

4. Favor liquid stocks

This is the important online intraday trading tip you should keep in mind. Liquid stocks carry a large volume, which means you can easily sell or buy them in large quantities without an impact on price.

Because of the speedy and presence of essence of online intraday trading, the high number of liquid stocks permits you to move in and out of the trades rapidly.

5. Do not get carried away.

As the investor, your margin for error is greater because you make long-term investments. The margin is less significant for the traders, only for one day.

It is suggested to keep calm, control your emotions while trading, and not get carried away by fear, greed, etc. You always have to think logically and be realistic about your profits.


The selection of good stock for intraday trading needs you to isolate the current market trend from the surrounding noise. The trader must focus on this trend.

The best intraday stocks have specific volatility, correlation, and liquidity features. However, using the correct entry and quitting the strategies is important.

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