5 Reasons Why a Boutique Retirement Community is the Perfect Choice for Active Seniors

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Retirees want to live active lives but household responsibilities, such as lawn care and home maintenance, can get in the way. This is where affordable boutique retirement communities come in!

In a vibrant retiree community, residents can easily walk to boutiques that delight the senses with their mix of antique and international items.


If you’re considering moving into a retirement community, there are many different types. These communities, like Grace Ridge Assisted Living, typically have a variety of amenities and planned activities that keep seniors physically and socially active.

They also provide residents with security, convenience, and senior-focused features that make living easy. This includes easier-to-reach cabinet doors, higher toilets, and single-level floor plans.

Continuing care retirement communities, which offer independent living and assisted living options, are ideal for those who want to prepare for the future by paying an entrance fee up front and knowing they won’t have to move if their health needs change. These communities can include services like housekeeping, meals, and medical care. They’re also usually near everyday essentials like grocery stores, restaurants, and banks.


New York City residents over 65 have increased dramatically over the past decade. This shift reflects two primary factors: the baby boomers are getting older, and the city’s affordable senior housing options have grown more plentiful.

Luxury retirement communities offer high-end homes and resort-style amenities. These communities usually charge monthly fees for services and amenities. However, property taxes are typically lower than in suburban neighborhoods.

In New York City, the fight to provide affordable senior housing is complicated by a lack of vacant land, long permit processes, and community opposition (the saga of a planned 86-unit building has dragged on for over ten years). But there are options like home sharing.


The best boutique retirement communities are designed to help seniors maintain their independence while providing opportunities for socialization. This is important, as loneliness and isolation can significantly impact health and lead to more severe issues later in life.

Unlike neighborhoods, these senior living communities offer amenities like clubhouses, pools, gyms, and social activities. Most also provide services like housekeeping, maintenance, and transportation.

Some communities are age-targeted, and others have a specific focus. For example, 55+ communities require at least one resident to be over 55, while singles-only communities are intended for unmarried residents.

Other communities are based on an activity, such as golf or resort. And some even operate as their towns which feature a wide range of leisure activities, such as canine parks, dance classes, and polo fields.

Health & Wellness

Regardless of your health status, you can rest assured that a boutique retirement community will offer various wellness programs to keep you healthy. These may include fitness classes, specialized nutrition programs, and other activities that promote physical well-being.

Additionally, some communities offer round-the-clock support for residents who need assistance with everyday tasks. This is especially important for those who live alone. These communities also have alert systems installed in every apartment home so that you can get help quickly in the event of an accident or injury.

For example, you can enjoy golfing, swimming pools, and clubhouse amenities that encourage socialization. Whether you want to spend time outdoors on walking trails or indoors in the library, there’s something for everyone in this senior community.


The best over 55 communities are designed with safety in mind. Many have features such as single-story living and wide doorways and hallways that minimize tripping risks for seniors. They also tend to be near shopping and dining establishments for added convenience.

Many senior communities have a range of amenities that allow residents to live active lifestyles and maintain socialization opportunities. Some of these include walking trails, golf courses, and clubhouses.

If you want to buy a home at an affordable boutique retirement community, research the builder and governing association beforehand. Ensure they have a solid track record and are financially sound enough to handle the upkeep and fees associated with the community. You’ll also want to know about any assessments planned for the future that could increase your monthly expenses.

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