6 Useful Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

for Pet Owners


We all love our fuzzy friends and a couple of hairs here and there will never change that. However, as any pet owner will tell you – there is a lot of cleaning up to do once you get yourself a pet. It is not all sunshine and walkies, cuddles and play dates, there is a lot of responsibility and twice as much mess.

Probably the number one issue most pet owners are facing is the hair. When they say it is everywhere, it is no exaggeration. You may have it on your clothes, furniture, ground, bathroom floor, your nose, mouth, ears and in the most surprising places you could think of. That is why it is really important that you equip yourself with all the tools you will need to fight pet hair on a daily basis. Not to mention all the odors, stains and furniture damage that your furry friends may cause. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled some of the most effective and innovative tips and items for pet owners.

1. Laundry Hair Catcher

Are you sick of having your clothes full of hair and even after you have put them into the laundry, they still come out with it? We have all been there! Once way people suggest you do is throw them in the dryer first. It may sound a bit backwards, but it does the job. Truth is not everyone is as fortunate to have a dryer in their house, so we have found an easy and cheap way to help you with your clothing. The laundry hair catcher will grab almost all of the hair so make sure you put it in each load and you will see how much it actually collects.

2.Groom Your Pet Often

It is essential that your pet is regularly groomed in order to shed less hair. There are certain breeds that shed less or more but either way unless you groom your pet often you risk having your house become covered in fur soon enough. That would make it twice as difficult to clean afterwards so spend some time during the day with your pet and groom them nicely. You and they will benefit from it later.

3.Make White Vinegar Your Friend

This product is an all-rounder and your cleaning best friend no matter whether you own a pet or not. It is used widely for removing unpleasant odors from your house and leaving it smelling fresher and cleaner. Simply add white vinegar to a spray bottle and give a little spray to stain areas or where there are some nasty odors. It works great on carpets as well!

4.Carpet Hair Removal

One tool which has gained massive popularity recently is the carpet removal tool. It scrapes any carper surface perfectly and gets even the toughest hair from it with a few strokes. Social media platform TikTok has drawn attention to this tool and ever since it has become a total hit amongst pet owners. Not only does it remove hair and lint, but also any other dirt and particles stuck in your carpet. It’s the perfect addition to your pet tools unless you have a very powerful vacuum cleaner like Dyson.

5. Duct Tape

The most common tool for hair removal from clothes is the classic lint roller. Surely it does its job but there are many low-quality products out there on the market that sometimes it is hard to find one which is effective and durable. Alternatively, you could fashion a lint roller yourself with some everyday items. Grab an old paint roller and cover it with duct tape, sticky side up of course! Not only is this option much more sustainable as you don’t have to throw away countless rollers each year but it can also be more effective as some duct tapes are much stronger than the tape used on the classic lint roller. Therefore, it is worth considering this alternative.

6.Quick Litter Clean Up

This is relating to cat owners mostly and their litter box. It is one of those things that needs regular cleaning otherwise the smells could become really bothering. However, it certainly is not the simplest task, so we have a little hack in mind. Line the cat litter with a bin bag which you can then simply fold and throw away, leaving the box spotless and odor free. There are now special bag liners designed specifically for this purpose in pet shops, but a normal bin bag could do the job just fine as well.

If you equip yourself with all these essential and efficient tools, you will not have much of an issue with cleaning after your pet and you will be able to enjoy all the time you have with your furry friend.

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