A Brief Note on Addiction and Dependence

Addiction and Dependence


Both the terms are quite confusing thus many medical professionals like to use the term Substance Use Disorder commonly known as SUD to describe addiction as well as dependence. The word ‘dependence’ is used to be physically dependent on some abused substance while the word ‘addiction’ means totally unable to live without using the abused substances. It can be the consumption of drugs, alcohol or sedating medicines.

A person addicted or dependent on any unhealthy substance needs to be given appropriate medical treatment. In the USA you can any time check the best rehab centers details from the online directory of Detox to Rehab website. The blogs and articles posted on their website help to understand clearly about the difference between certain terms like addiction and dependence. Ancora Psychiatric Hospital is one such medical unit highly popular in NJ to get treatment for addiction and dependence on abused substances.


Addiction is linked with behavior abnormality that happens due to biochemical changes in the brain. All because of continuous usage of abused substances. Their whole body system can’t work normally until they get the abused substance to consume again. In short, the addicted person’s mental and physical health are both gets highly affected. Once addicted the person needs medical support to get rid of it. The treatment is sure to continue for a long time as the person needs to overcome the withdrawal symptoms as well.


Dependence means a person feels good to have certain substances which give them absolute pleasure and keep them lively, focused and free from any mental problems. However, it isn’t necessary for them to consume the substance essentially. Continuous dependency on a substance may lead to addiction. It can be rightly said that dependency on any abused substance leads to addiction.

Both conditions aren’t good to lead a healthy life. Thus, it is best to get treated as soon as possible in a well-established rehab center.

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