Best Real Estate Developers In The UAE

Real Estate Developers


You can tell a lot about a nation by the type of real estate developers it attracts. The UAE is a group of nations with a steadily growing economy, which means that it is currently undergoing a real-estate renaissance. As such, every real estate developer worth their salt is looking to build in this part of the world. However, not every real estate developer is the real deal.

When looking at properties, you want to find the ones built by the best people in town. As such, you should keep an eye on the following real estate developers in the UAE.

Sobha Realty

Sobha Realty is a real estate developer with plenty of ambition. So far, this company has mainly favoured Dubai, building green spaces, schools, residences, and rental properties within about twelve miles of the Burj Khalifa.

However, the companies crowning jewel is the Creek Vista District. This world-class residential resort features hundreds of three-bed luxury apartments for a reasonable price. As such, Sobha Reality has its hand firmly in the centre of Dubai and it won’t be moving on any time soon.


When it comes to numbers, it seems that Aldar is the true winner in the UAE real estate development game. This company has only been a real estate developer since 2019 but they have done a lot in that time. They are a company that deals with residential real estate development, commercial real estate, and office space. As such, Aldar has currently built twenty-six thousand residential units, four hundred and eighty-five thousand square feet of retail space, and currently holds three hundred and eighteen thousand and seventy-four square feet of office space. All of this effort put into property development across Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE has created a net worth of £39billion for the company something that the Aldar shareholders are very happy with.

Arabian Sunrise Properties

If you wanted a real estate developer with a long reach, then perhaps it is worth looking at Arabian Sunrise Properties. This company has developed property in key areas of the UAE, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but the company has also stretched its wings as far as France and Romania.

Arabian Sunrises’ main focus is on residential properties. They have already constructed huge accommodation complexes in Abu Dhabi like the Marina Sunset Bay and Fairmont Marina Residences, for example. However, the company also has experience in building luxury mansions. Just look at their work in Dubai’s rural areas for confirmation of this. They may not have as diverse a portfolio as Aldar, but Arabian Sunrise Properties is definitely one of the strongest real estate developers in the UAE.


Since the UAE is such a strong group of nations, you will always find people willing to invest in the area. It seems that many business owners are choosing to put their money into property in this region, so you have made a wise choice by researching real estate developers in the UAE. Just make sure you invest in the best.

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