Complete Guide to Vaping CBD

Complete Guide to Vaping CBD


The method of taking in the vapour of this safe and permitted drug, that is inhaling CBD vapour is called Vaping CBD. This is one the easiest ways to take in CBD despite some risks and the initial difficulties that the beginners must get accustomed to.

Well, also on the other hand, some believe that CBD vaping should be handled with care and should be done with the right dosage. There is no right or wrong dosage for CBD vaping. CBD goes differently for different people and each individual respond differently to the same amount of CBD used. Therefore, inexperienced handling could be a risky affair.

Things to know about CBD vaping

  • There is no fixed dosage of the CBD to be used for vaping because the device used, usually the pen, the oil used, the strength of each pull and everything differs from case to case.
  • CBD juice is different from the CBD tinctures though they may both look identical. The base of a CBD juice is propene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) while in the CBD tincture medium chain triglycerides (MCT) is used as the base. The tincture is not recommended for vaping.
  • Vaping is the best way to consume CBD because of the highest degree and rate at which it gets into the bloodstream. This is known as bio availability. Hence, vaping has the highest bio availability.
  • When trying to determine your dosage, it is best to go up starting from the least suggested dosage. The side effects for an overdose of CBD vaping may cause slight to moderate drowsiness, dizziness and uneasiness.
  • Usually, the dosage is calculated based on certain criteria like the strength of the drug, the body weight and chemistry of the person consuming it and the consumption method. Despite the vagueness around this, there are dosage calculators available on the Internet.
  • The dosage, usually mentioned on the charts from the Internet are calculated and suggested for oral consumption. Keep in mind that the bioavailability is at its best when you consume CBD by vaping. So do not forget to reduce the dosage, if you are vaping CBD and not consuming orally.
  • CBD vaping is found to be useful in reducing chronic pain, increasing appetite in cancer patients, treatment of epilepsy, handling sleep disorders and social anxiety.

Now, you might have a better idea of how the dosage of CBD should be calculated. Make sure to find out if CBD vaping is for you or not. If it suits you then determining the best ways for each of you should be done carefully and slowly. There are many options available if you decide to try CBD vaping like the CBD vape oil, or the cbd oil tincture. Both are available in many different flavours.

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