Email verification in the cloud: safe or not?

Email verification in the cloud


Is the cloud secure for my data? This is a frequently asked question. Yes, it is correct. Very. The cloud has revolutionized email marketing. Servers were a necessity at the beginning of our company. They belonged to us, were purchased and/or created by us, and were physically housed in data centers that we could (and did) visit. Within our own hardware world, we were able to handle email data. As our company developed, we relished the new difficulties that came with it. As our data processing increased, so did our need to control our server expansion route, which was time-consuming.

Cloud computing emerged as a platform for many kinds of enterprises, evolving from a developer-only environment to a general-purpose one. The ability to handle data fast, safely, and without error became apparent after a time, and we saw some fascinating new prospects.

Two major concerns plague cloud security:

If you’re worried about cloud security, you’re presumably concerned about two things:

  • Is anybody able to see my email?
  • What happens to all of the emails I send and receive?

In the cloud, your email data is safe from prying eyes.

When we confirm your emails, you can rest certain that no one will have access to your information and that it will remain in a safe environment until you are ready to collect your findings.

There are cloud-based services provided by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Using Azure, companies are able to verify emails on servers throughout the globe. Millions of data points are examined and managed with its help.

Being unable to view the cloud might make you believe it is less secure than your own site. Surely, despite all the talk about the cloud, there must be something on an actual computer somewhere?

Email Oversight protects your email addresses.

You can be certain that your email data is secure with us since we provide Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud through Email Oversight in addition to Microsoft Azure’s protection.

  • Any personal information you provide in your email will be removed before it reaches us, ensuring that there is no connection between your email and your personal contact information.
  • Managed in a manner that ensures privacy regulations are not violated.
  • Emails are checked for authenticity in a highly secure setting.
  • When emails are temporarily saved in the cloud for your use, they are encrypted and safe from prying eyes.

CAN-SPAM and GDPR and how they relate to cloud-based email validation

Data integrity and security are of paramount importance to us. International Anti-Spam and Data Privacy laws govern our operations. Using our email validation services, we help to reduce spam by ensuring that companies do not send spam to invalid email addresses. We can help the internet become spam-free by enhancing email delivery in a safe manner. It’s done in a safe and secure atmosphere. With Email Oversight, you can be certain that your email data is safe and secure in the cloud.

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