Food Processor Helped Lower My Cholesterol

Food Processor Helped Lower My Cholesterol


My doctor called me after my annual physical to notify me that my cholesterol levels were higher than she would like to see. Not necessarily so high that I needed medication, but I certainly needed to get my lifestyle in check or it would certainly get to that point. I had to give up the junk food and I had to exercise more, no question about it.

I will openly admit that this is completely my own fault. My wife has tried to make healthier options for us, but got tired of my complaining about boring food. She’d make hers on the lighter side, and then she’d add whatever I wanted after the fact, like butter, cheese, extra bread or a larger portion of meat.

I never really thought much about my diet before; I just wasn’t brought up that way. My wife has been health conscious for a long time. Just as my doctor had explained, she was harping on me for increasing my risk for a heart attack or stroke. I never took it seriously before, but now I had to because it genuinely scared me.

We sat down together to do the research on foods that help lower cholesterol and help maintain things as they should be. We both learned that the key to keeping everything in check was to plan our meals out for the week and prep things ahead of time. This would definitely eliminate the temptation of ordering out.

My wife was pleasantly surprised to discover that much of this food preparation could be made significantly easier with her Cuisinart food processor, which she had mentioned in the past that she wished she could find more uses for.

She had misplaced one of the blades the last time she used it, which was for something for a holiday the year before, and still had no clue where it could be. We did some digging and stumbled onto the Kitchen Works Inc website where they sell authentic Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts, not third party parts. We ordered the missing blade, and while we were at it we got a dough blade and a spatula for the food processor as well.

Now we pick out recipes together over the weekend for the following week, do our grocery shopping on Sunday mornings, and we prep in the afternoon. We do it all together, and it’s brought us closer over the last 2 months that we’ve been doing this.

I scheduled a follow up with my doctor to recheck my cholesterol levels and it’s improved significantly. I’ve lost some weight, and I feel so much better from a physical standpoint. I never realized before how bad I actually was feeling. I have more energy and less brain fog. Food prepping with our Cuisinart food processor could possibly have saved my life!

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