How Can Chin Augmentation Women Procedures Get Rid of Your Double Chin

How Can Chin Augmentation Women Procedures Get Rid of Your Double Chin


If you have a well-defined chin, it creates the perfect balance between your neck, nose, and cheeks. However, a recessed chin or double chin will not give you sufficient structure for creating the visual difference between the neck and face. If you have a small chin, it makes your nose look larger and hinders your face’s overall appearance.

If a weak chin bothers you, there are safe procedures available for you to make it firm. They help you get a balance that is more aesthetically pleasing for your facial features. One of these successful procedures is chin augmentation, quite popular among women across the world today.  It gives you nice jawline contour and gets rid of the double chin completely on your face.

Chin augmentation women procedures improve jawline contour

No women like a double chin (known as submental fat) on their face. It is a general condition that occurs when a deposit of fat forms underneath the chin. A double chin is commonly associated with weight gain; however, you do not have to be obese or overweight to get a double chin in some cases. Loose skin or genetics can be a key reason for a layer of fat to form under your chin too.

If you have a double chin and are bothered with it, you can resort to safe chin augmentation women procedures to eliminate it. The procedure refers to the refinement or the improvement of the contour of the bone under the chin. It is accomplished with the placement of an implant on the bone of your chin below the skin. Its goal is to augment an under projected chin hence the name chin augmentation.

Are these chin implants permanent?

These chin implants are permanent in nature and last for life. However, if you wish to undergo another cosmetic surgery later, the implant might be removed to make that surgery possible.

What is the difference between chin implants and fillers?

Fillers under the chin are temporary in nature. If you want to experiment with a new jawline, fillers are perfect for you. However, implants give you a lasting effect. A chin augmentation procedure gives you the following benefits-

  • The results are permanent.
  • Dramatic improvement to your face.
  • Implants feel and look similar to your chin bone.
  • Customize your appearance with multiple chin implant options.
  • The duration of the surgery is short with low-risk factors.
  • Scars go unnoticed once healed.
  • For enhanced results, you can pair chin augmentation with liposuction of the neck or a rhinoplasty procedure.

When it comes to the costs of chin augmentation women procedures, they are slightly higher than fillers. You need to take some weeks off work for recovery after the surgery. This procedure needs anesthesia, either general anesthesia or local anesthesia, along with IV sedation. Before undergoing the procedure, consult an experienced and qualified doctor. Talk with him/her about the surgery, the recovery time, and the healing period. Get an insight into its costs so that you can plan your budget and go in for the surgery as per your time and convenience with success.

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