Identify the Causes of Pipe Burst and Prevent Your Pipe from Bursting

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Pipe burst is an issue every homeowner wants to avoid. However, it is not easy to avoid such things. The cost of repair and the thought of losing valuable property make things scarier for homeowners. A lot of things can lead to pipe bursts. A homeowner can only know the causes and take quick steps to avoid further damage.

Even if you are aware of plumbing issues in your house, it is a difficult task for you to deal with them. In that case, you need the assistance of plumbers Sydney.  You can consider Wilco plumbing, a plumbing service with 65years of experience. The most amazing thing about Wilco is its cost-effective but reliable solutions.

Continue reading and find out the causes of pipe bursts. This article will help you to know the problem on time. So, you can take care of it before things turn worse.

Aged pipes

Everything has a time span, so is the pipe. Pipes also have a limited period. It also depends on how regularly you maintain them and their exposure to weather elements. Generally, pipes can last for approximately 20years, whether it is a metal pipe or a plastic one. Beyond this period, they start degrading structurally and cannot stand even considerable water pressure.

Particularly, metal pipes experience corrosion with time. On the other hand, plastic pipes get frail and are unable to withstand the slightest pressure. Corrosion is a common thing in copper-based pipes people use for water supply.

Immoderate water pressure

Water pipes can withstand a particular level of water pressure, specifically the one install in houses. The precise water pressure is just a technical specification. You can see this specification on every pipe. Sometimes, water pressure exceeds the limit especially, when you pump more water volume through the pipeline.

Such things happen when you use narrow pipes for supplying more water. In this case, water pressure increases to a certain level for pumping water, and it exceeds the structural ability of the water pipeline. It results in abrupt pipe burst because of the inability of the pipe to withstand the pressure.

Pressure from external factors

Sometimes pipe burst is the result of pressure from external forces. Mostly, pipes install underground experience pressure from passing cars, tree roots, and sometimes excavating of construction equipment. This pressure squeezes the pipelines to their structural limits or beyond the limits. This pressure causes pipe bursts or cracks in pipes leading to leakages.

Sometimes, it is a daunting task to find out the leakage in underground pipes. These are the cases where only professional plumbing services can help you. Other than, these more causes are leading to pipe bursts such as –

  • Ground movement
  • Clogs
  • Improper connections
  • Incorrect pipe work and pipe layering

You can also look for signs of any leakage to prevent further damage. Ceiling stain is one of the telltale signs of pipe leakage. Check water pressure if you find a drop in water pressure. It means you should need to check your pipelines. The taste of water is also one of the signs if your tap water is turning brown, it means your pipe is getting rusty.


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