Importance of using an EMI calculator while taking a Personal Loan

EMI calculator


Today, no one can predict when they may encounter unforeseen costs or emergencies. A personal loan is regarded as a crucial financial tool that significantly assists you in this world full of financial concerns. Planning to apply for a personal loan comes with a lot of calculations and research. These things are made easy by the EMI calculator. The personal loan EMI calculator is an online tool used to calculate the EMI of personal loans.

This tool reduces the stress often caused by manual calculations. How is the EMI calculator for a personal loan beneficial for you?

EMI calculator importance 

Using the EMI calculator while getting a personal loan has many benefits. To figure out all the benefits, you should read the following.

Loan tenure

It is easy to find the best loan tenure with the help of the EMI calculator. If you decide to pay the higher EMI to reduce the loan interest rate, the loan tenure will be greater and vice versa. You can easily change the number and values of EMI to ensure that you get the best tenure of the loan.

Interest rate

Interest rate is one of the important things in personal loans. However, the interest is based on several factors, like loan tenure and EMI. Since you determine the best loan tenure and EMI from the calculator, you can easily determine the interest rates by changing the values until you are satisfied.

Eligibility of loan

You can easily use the personal loan EMI calculator to determine your eligibility. As the calculator asks you to put the information, like annual or monthly income, you can evaluate whether you are eligible for a loan or not.

Credit ratings

You can get accurate figures by entering your credit rating into the EMI calculator. So, if your credit rating is not good, the interest rate you should pay is high.

In this way, the EMI calculator helps you improve your credit ratings, so you have to pay low interest on your loan amount.


As you can get accurate values from the EMI calculator, you can use these values to make the EMI comparison of personal loans offered by different lenders. You can compare the results by using this calculator.

It helps you to ensure that you avail a personal loan at the best tenure, EMI, or interest rates.


It is easy to customise the filled values on the EMI calculator. You can easily change the values on the EMI calculator until you are satisfied with the results. In this way, this online tool helps you to get the loan at the best possible value.


A personal loan is a kind of instant loan that helps you to cover your unexpected expenses.  But before applying, use the EMI calculator and calculate the EMI that you must pay monthly on the loan cost.

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