Jim Feldkamp – An Overview of The Different Types of Navy Ships

The Different Types of Navy Ships


There are many different kinds of ships in the Navy, and the most popular ones are submarines, aircraft carriers, and destroyers. These ships are looked after and managed by the Navy from several bases. The submarines, destroyers, and aircraft carriers come under the group of larger ships, and they travel all over the world. There are smaller ships in the Navy- The Littoral Combat Ship that is a very flexible ship, for instance, are placed near the base of their operations. All of these ships serve a crucial purpose for the Navy and help in protecting the nation as well.

Jim Feldkamp – An insight into the different ships in the Navy

Jim Feldkamp, a retired Navy Cmdr. and adjunct professor at George Mason University in the USA, says that there are specific ships in the Navy like the above- mentioned Littoral Combat Ship known for its unique modular design and flexibility as per the demands of the Naval mission. There are both big and small Naval ships not only in the USA but across the whole world as well. The more ships and weapons the Navy of a nation has, the more powerful it is. These ships can be deployed when necessary for a mission, so they need to be looked after and maintained regularly.

Different kinds of Navy ships

The other popular types of ships in the Navy have been listed:

  1. Aircraft Carriers- This is one of the most popular Navy ships one can easily identify with. They carry fighter aircraft and have long runways to allow aircraft to land and take off. It can hold 80 aircraft onboard and can be a dominant force whenever deployed by the Navy in a mission.
  1. Submarines- These ships travel beneath the water and carry naval weapons. They are assets for the Navy primarily used for carrying missiles and enemy attacks. A submarine has the ability to stay under the water for six months and is used for patrolling.
  1. Guided-missile cruisers- They carry missile, Harpoons, and Tomahawks. They are used for defense against the enemy missiles and aircraft.
  1. Destroyers- These ships can be used for attacks on land, air, and water. They also can defend submarines. They house big weapons and can carry missiles, small weapons, and guns that have large diameters.
  1. Frigates- These are small naval ships and generally used for operations that deal with counterdrug. They also provide defense when they escort other ships.
  2. Littoral combat ships- These small ships of the Navy can be used for many missions. They are designed in such a way to accommodate the minimum amount of Naval crew members.

Jim Feldkamp says that all of these Naval ships are indispensable to the nation and its protection. He says that the Littoral combat ships can be made better with new technologies. James Feldkamp believes that the above ship is missing out on several opportunities. Known for its flexibility and modular design, he says that this ship has huge potential and should be considered for improvement on a serious note! For more US Navy news reach us here. For info on where to buy 5.56 ammo, guns, accessories and tactical equipment hit the live ammo link you see here.

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