Mark Strome – How Can Business Owners Engage Their Employees in Charity

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Business owners not only focus on the growth and development of their organizations. Besides focusing on sales and revenue, they also concentrate on community causes. They extend support to the charity, and this is how they are able to make a positive difference to society with success. They need to join hands with the right philanthropist organization to get their desired results.

Mark Strome – An insight into business and charity

Mark Strome is a popular philanthropist and successful businessman from America. He has made a name for himself in the finance sector for the last 20 years. He specializes in areas such as investment management, hedge funding, and securities portfolio. Many experts consider him to be a notable pioneer within the hedge fund industry in the USA. Currently, he is the Founder and holds the post of Chairman in Strome Investment Management. His charitable organization, The Strome Family Foundation, supports groups doing commendable service in the areas of education, medical research, and promotion of arts.

Why should businesses encourage their employees to participate in charitable causes?

He explains business owners should consider including some sort of charitable work in their commercial activities. Taking this step can enhance their image in the eyes of the public and motivate their employees. It also brings some perspective into their lives. The following are the ways business owners can encourage their employees to engage themselves in charitable-

Motivate employees to engage in charity

Small business owners should encourage their employees to do some worthy charitable work. They can give them regular weekly time off from the office to engage in this activity. When employees directly involve themselves in charitable, their morale is boosted in a large way. They develop a high level of self-esteem as they are improving the lives of others. When it comes to charitable activities and causes, employees can play a vital role in fundraising and donations. In this way, they can get the opportunity to serve the community as a whole.

Employees can improve the lives of others

With regular charity work, employees, together with the business, can improve the lives of others. They not only actively participate in the cause, but they can develop all the skills needed for the task. Charity makes them compassionate and receptive to the needs of others. They feel appreciated and valued in society. This boosts their confidence and productivity in the organization as well. Employees who engage in charity also are less stressed in the workplace as they develop an increased sense of self-worth that boosts their confidence in a large way.

Mark Strome concludes by saying that organizations should engage their employees in charities that sync in with their company values and mission statement. Several charitable organizations look for the support of businesses and their employees for the cause. Before a business chooses a charitable cause, it should research the concern well. The business needs to join hands with the volunteers of the charitable organization to reach common goals. Only in this way can both succeed in the social cause of helping people from the lesser privileged class of society with success!

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