Serious Warning Signs Indicating You May Need A Water Main Replacement At Your Home!

Water Main Replacement


Although it may seem obvious that you need plumbing assistance when you’re in need of a water main replacement, it’s a lot less obvious to recognize the red flags indicating an issue is occurring.

Every home and business owner needs to be extra careful when it comes to their property’s water main line, and the esteemed plumbing specialists at Beehive Plumbing have helped us pull together this comprehensive list of water main replacement warning signs.

So if you notice any of the below red flags at your property, then it may be time to reach out to your local plumbing team!

Abnormal Water Bill Spikes

When you’re absolutely certain that your household’s water usage habits haven’t changed from month to month, then strange water bill spikes can be an indication that something is wrong within your plumbing system.

Although it could be related to several different issues, many significant spikes are often connected to water main line malfunctions.

Problems With Your Property’s Water Pressure

When your property’s faucets and showers aren’t providing accurate temperature or water flow, then there’s definitely something wrong with your main water line. This is particularly the case when multiple fixtures at your home aren’t working properly.

So when you notice any widespread water pressure issues, it’s likely a problem connected to your main line.

Wall & Ceiling Water Stains

Whenever you notice any water stains within your home’s actual ceilings or walls, it’s a serious cause for concern. This type of red flag warning sign indicates that you’re experiencing a leak that’ll often require a re-piping.

Pest Problems

Sometimes serious insect and pest infestations are connected to main water line cracks and leaks. This is because the pests are entering your home through the pipeline itself, and then ultimately finding their ways into your home.

Strange Sounds Coming From Your Walls

Another abnormal warning sign connected to water main issues is when you hear strange sounds coming from your walls whenever you turn on a faucet. When this type of issue is happening, it means something is malfunctioning within your main water line.

Although a plumbing professional can always check things out and recommend repairs, these sounds are likely happening due to long-term wear and tear. If your pipes just so happen to be old, then it could mean you need some re-piping done.

Diminished Water Quality

Any kind of discoloration coming from your faucets will almost automatically be connected to water main issues, and the same goes for literal debris or strange smells emanating from your home’s water supply.

No one wants to bathe or even drink in this type of low-quality water, which is why this type of issue is typically considered to be a plumbing emergency. When you notice this type of diminished water quality at your property, it’s time to call a plumber for an immediate appointment.

Unnatural Puddles In Your Yard

When strange puddles form in your yard during dry periods or any lack of watering, then you should know that this can be caused by an underground leak within your property’s plumbing system.

These puddles are serious causes for concern and are unfortunately one of the first warning signs that people recognize, so always contact your local plumbing team when you see this unnatural phenomenon in your yard!

Contact The Beehive Plumbing Specialists To Learn More About Water Main Replacement Warnings!

There’s a lot that property owners need to keep in mind when they think they may be in need of a water main replacement, but you can always have peace of mind when you have a reliable plumber in your contact book.

You can learn more about water main replacements when you go through the link at the top of the page to the Beehive Plumbing website. The Beehive master plumbers will be more than happy to answer your questions and put you on the right track towards an affordable replacement appointment!

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