Should You Consider Buying Flats in Powai?

Buying Flats in Powai?


Among most of the popular localities of Mumbai, Powai is listed as one of the most emerging ones. In the past couple of decades, this place has seen significant developments in terms of physical infrastructure, facilities, residential properties, commercial investments and much more.

As Powai is now accessible to/from most of the posh localities of Mumbai, homebuyers are directing their attention towards buying a perfect abode in this place. If you are planning on buyingflats in Powai, then this article will inspire you even more!

The Significant Uprise in the Infrastructure Development

Powai is widely popular as the heart of the City of Dreams and is literally at the centre of this cosmos. Every visitor who has even been to this locality has always been in awe of its neoclassical infrastructure. Moreover, in pursuit of keeping up with the demand for residential purchases, the nearby neighbourhoods are also enhancing their real estate capabilities.

Among the best things about this locality are the serene mountain views, the cool breeze coming from the lake and the popular Nirvana Park. The suburb is a prominent hub for massive residential apartment buildings, tourist attractions, recreational hubs and five-star restaurants and hotels.

But, some of the significant infrastructure developments that make buying flats in Powai a brilliant decision are:

  • A lot of big companies, national and international, have their headquarters in Powai. Some of them include Wipro, Colgae, JP Morgan and others.
  • Powai is also home to several educational hubs, such as IIT Mumbai, Podar International School and Sathaye College.
  • You will also be living close to some of the world-class hospitals, such as Forites and Hirananadani.

The Connectivity is Beyond Excellence

Powai, among most of the other popular residential localities, is well connected to the other parts of the city, such as Kanjurmarg, BKC, Vikhroli, Chandivali and Andheri. The connectivity is established through the Eastern Express Highway, Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, Agra-Mumbai Highway and LBS Road.

Apart from that, Powai also has several transportation options, such as taxis, buses and trains. The nearest station to Powai is in Kanjurmarg and is also connected to Metro Line 1 from the Sakinaka destination. If you are in search of humongous flats in Powai, then you won’t feel disconnected from the city at all. Find yourself closer to all of the important destinations, may it be the tourist spots or the business hubs!

Great Rental Yields

If you have plans on buying flats in Powai, you will also be availing of the high-end benefits of earning great rental yields. The average rent that your tenant will pay you while living in your property in Powai is Rs. 76,000 per month. And as per the market price fluctuations, the rental pricing increases year on year!

If you are buying a property in the posh sub-locality of Powai, then you can earn a rental yield of up to Rs. 2 lakhs, depending on how luxurious your house is!

Earn Great Returns on Your Investment

When you are investing big money in Powai, you ought to expect a higher return if you sell it off after a decade or more. For your knowledge, the average pricing per sq. ft. for flats in Powai is around Rs. 25,000. And, to add to the good news, the price appreciation since last year has been recorded to be around 13.5%.

As property rates in this locality are being sold at a moderate rate, the returns after a few years on the thriving road will be immensely high. So, if your end purpose of buying a flat is to invest your money in a constantly appreciating asset, Powai real estate is the best pick!


These are just a few of the many reasons why you should count on buying flats in Powai. Irrespective of whether you are in search of a 2 or 3-BHK flat, there are reputed apartment buildings out here for you to give that luxury and premium living experience. In that quest to find the best home, Blox is here to assist you right from the beginning to the end! We make your home-buying journey easy!

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