The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Red Dot Optic Mounts

Red Dot Optic Mounts


If you’re looking to replace your old optic with a red dot sight, you’ll want to choose the suitable mount for your pistol. It’s a tough choice that will ultimately determine how well your new company works.

We’ve gathered together the best red dot mounts in this guide to help you find the perfect option for your needs.

Nothing beats a red dot sight when aiming at close- to mid-range targets. These simple, fun-to-use pictures can boost target acquisition speed, make shooting more comfortable, and allow shooters of all skill levels to get on target and start shooting quickly.

The best red dot optics come in various sizes, shapes, and prices, from compact micro-sized units for handguns to full tanks that provide long-range precision benefits. But with many choices, deciding the best budget can be overwhelming. This article is designed to clarify some confusion, explain the different technologies, and help you choose a red dot that perfectly matches your rifle, shotgun, or pistol.

A solid entry-level red dot makes it a fantastic value. This unit is also incredibly durable, waterproof to 80 feet, and night-vision friendly.

This optic is lightweight and compact, features a powerful battery that provides up to 20K hours of power on a single CR2032 coin cell, and offers the legendary Sig quality we’ve all come to know and love.


Your red dot’s weight significantly affects how well it works on an optic mount. If it’s heavy, you can’t expect it to be as stable or durable as a lighter sight.

This is why you must pick a mount designed for your pistol slide and red dot. This will help keep the red dot’s weight to a minimum and allow you to mount your optics more effectively on your pistol.

Whether you’re looking for a frame-mounted or pistol-slide optic mount, choose an optics mount that’s sleek and rugged enough to withstand the abuse your pistol’s slide will dish out.

The mounting standard for a red dot sight includes the screw hole and socket pattern on its footprint. This is also called the mounting surface, and different red dot sights can be used to fit on one adapter.


Red dots can be mounted to most pistols without machining the slide. The mounts will raise the red dot to the same height as your primary optic and are available in angled and piggyback versions.

The angled offset mounts favor strong-side use, while piggyback offsets work equally well for left- or right-handed techniques. Both mounting configurations provide several performance benefits that make them popular among tactical groups and gun owners.

Choosing suitable rdo mounts is essential for sighting and maintaining a consistent, high cheek weld. The best horses will give you a stable, repeatable zero and support multiple optic plates.


Red dot sights come in various sizes, from micro and compact red dots that are perfect for pistols to full tanks with 1 MOA red dots for long-range precision. They’re also offered at various price points, so there’s sure to be a red dot sight that fits your budget and needs.

The size of a red dot affects the mount’s performance in many ways. A smaller drop is generally more durable but may not suit you if you have astigmatism.

Similarly, a larger dot will likely be more accurate, but it may not suit you unless you typically shoot targets more than 50 yards away.

Each red dot’s footprint contains an arrangement of screw holes and pin sockets that form a pattern with specific dimensions. This configuration determines the sight’s mounting standard, so it’s essential to ensure you’re buying a red dot optic with the proper mounting standard for your gun.


A red dot optic mount’s performance is mainly dependent on the angle of its red dots. These angled optics maximize the field of view and quickly acquire targets at short ranges.

One way to determine the suitable red dot optic mounts is to pay attention to the mount’s mounting platform. Still, some others provide their mounting solutions.

Some mounts are designed for a red dot to be mounted at a 45-degree angle, while others allow the user to adjust the red dot’s height.

The most impressive feature of these rib-shotgun mounts is that they can be quickly and easily adjusted to align the red dot with the gun’s bore. This allows hunters to tuck the optic closer, pivot it out, or reverse direction if necessary for optimum performance.

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