Top 10 beautiful and cheap destinations for a honeymoon

cheap destinations for a honeymoon


It is not necessarily very glamorous to talk money for your honeymoon but it’s like that. And after all, why go into debt when you can afford a perfectly reasonably priced perfect destination to escape as a couple? It is not the choice that is missing. Sun and sand for some, skyscrapers and monumental casinos for others. Love is all!


If Croatia is trendy, it’s not just thanks to Game of Thrones. Because here, sun, party and discoveries can be combined as a couple. For a honeymoon, there’s nothing better than a getaway on the island of Hvar and a holiday in Dubrovnik. Accessible and generous, Croatia is the ideal place for an unforgettable honeymoon.

2.Northern Ireland

Ah yes then there necessarily, no sun (not necessarily anyway), a little rain, clouds … But why not go out of the clichés to afford a road trip in Northern Ireland? Of modest size, the country is discovered by car. From Belfast to Londonderry, it’s not the exceptional sites that are missing. A walk on the Giant’s Causeway, a kiss at the top of the cliffs, a fiery declaration in the forest … Here, love is in the green!


Morocco is a must and it is not for nothing. It is hot, it is beautiful and if we absolutely want to roast in the sun on the beach, we can always push to Essaouira. Looking good, depending on the period, we can pay a week in Marrakech for less than 300 € per person.


Crunch the big apple with two! Spending a honeymoon in Nevada, in a wonderful place like Cactus Petes for example, is like going against the tide of the general idea of such a trip.These are not the Maldives, but they are still superb!

5.Las Vegas

We stay at Uncle Sam’s with Las Vegas. You can get married or come after the wedding. In palaces, on the Strip, in casinos or in the desert, at the edge of the Hoover Dam, further south on Route 66, the region has plenty of attractions for a rock and roll honeymoon. To avoid exploding the budget, it is strongly recommended to fly to Los Angeles (we can find return tickets for less than 500 €) and then we take a flight to Las Vegas (count less than 30 €). You can also go by car.


Thailand is not the door next door. Yet again, great deals can afford a memorable couple vacation in the sun of Phuket. To you, the pristine beaches, the turquoise water, the cocktails, the fabulous food …


The island of beauty was created for honeymooners … It’s a little what we say when we decide to fly to enjoy the magical moments that follow the exchange of alliances. From north to south, Corsica offers everything that one is entitled to expect from such a destination. And besides, it’s not very far!

8.The Balearic Islands

Spain offers several options: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, the Canaries … Why Balearic then? Because Several offers are regularly available so do not ruin yourself in the plane tickets and enjoy the many advantages offered by this little corner of paradise.

9.The Greek islands

Delos, Mykonos, Kos, Naxos … The Greek islands … Magic! To fly there for your honeymoon is to immerse yourself in an exciting culture but also of course enjoy the climate, the gastronomy … All the same as in Mamma Mia!


London Calling! London is only an hour away by plane and offers honeymooners an exotic experience and rock and roll. The beautiful streets of the city center, the view from Primrose Hill, the grandeur of the royal buildings, the charm of the Thames … Again, it is far from the beaches and coconut trees, but for an unusual honeymoon, London is a destination ideal!

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