Tubal Ligation After Care at Home

Tubal Ligation


Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure to prevent pregnancy by closing your fallopian tubes. The doctor removes, cuts, ties or blocks your fallopian tubes through open or laparoscopic surgery. The best gynaecologist in Bangalore can suggest an experienced surgeon perform the procedure.

What to Expect After Tubal Ligation?

You may experience belly pain for a few days after surgery. If you received a laparoscopy, you might also undergo changes in your bowels or have back/shoulder pain or a swollen belly for a few days. It’s caused by the gas used by the doctor to examine your organs closely. Take the medicines as prescribed to help with the pain.

If you had a laparoscopy in the gynaecology hospital, you may take 1 week to recover. If you had a mini-laparotomy, you may need up to 3 weeks to recover. Recovery may take longer if you had this procedure after having a baby.

Pregnancy will be prevented right away. However, consider waiting to have intercourse until you feel comfortable. The best gynaecologist in Bangalore will let you know the right time for that.

How to Look After Yourself at Home?


  • Take rest when you get tired.
  • Stay active and try walking.
  • Let your body heal. Avoid lifting heavy things or moving quickly until you get better.
  • Avoid swimming for the first 2 weeks or until you’re allowed by your doctor. Pat your incision dry after taking a shower.


  • You can eat a normal diet. Try low-fat bland foods like yoghurt, toast, broiled chicken and plain rice if you have an upset stomach.
  • Drink lots of fluids unless recommended otherwise by the doctor. He/she may nevertheless suggest a mild laxative, stool softener or fibre.
  • If you have irregular bowel movements following surgery, avoid straining and constipation.


  • The doctor will let you know whether and when you can start taking medicines again, and recommend new medicines if needed.
  • If you ceased to use a blood thinner like aspirin, ask your doctor whether and when you can begin taking it.
  • If you have received any prescription medicine to relieve pain, take it as recommended.
  • If you aren’t taking a prescribed medicine for pain, you can ask the doctor whether you can take an OTC medicine.

Incision Care

  • If there are strips of tape on your incision, let them be until they fall off.
  • Wash the site every day using soapy warm water and pat it dry. Avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. They can hamper healing.
  • Allow the site to stay dry and clean. You may cover it with a gauze bandage to prevent it from rubbing against clothes or discharging fluid.
  • Change your bandage daily.

Other Instructions

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing. For some weeks, don’t wear anything that exerts pressure on the stomach.
  • You can apply a heating pad on the stomach to manage pain.

Apart from post-surgery care at home, follow-up care is important. Make sure to attend all appointments. Consider calling the best gynaecologist in Bangalore if you experience any complications.

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