Types of Horse Rugs to Acquire for Your Horse

Horse Rugs


The primary purpose of horse rugs is to give your horse protection. Numerous horse rugs are designed to keep horses warm, clean, and dry or even serve all the purposes. As a horse owner or rider, selecting the right blanket for your horse might be confusing with multiple products available. Now, this guide is here to help. Let’s find several rug types and their primary purposes.

1. Fleece rugs

A more great rug, fleece rugs are typically constructed from polar fleece fabrics and are utilized to lay under other rugs for additional warmth. As the chilly season approaches, you must acquire a piece of these rugs. The horse blanket is an ideal type of fleece rug you could get. They are perfect horse blankets with a fantastic cut design, detachable hood, and double front closure.

2. Summer blankets

As they sound, these rugs are made for the summer! They are made to offer your horse comfort and protection. They are ideal for keeping the horse’s coat in tip-top condition and preventing the sun from bleaching their skin color. During the summer, a numnah saddle pad will keep your horse cool and protect it from insects. These pads are lightweight and breathable, making excellent choices for all horses.

3. Stable rugs

These blankets are commonly utilized on stable horses that produce vast amounts of warmth without necessitating multiple layers on their back. Stable rugs are designed from non-waterproof fabrics and feature a soft outer layer. Most of these horse blankets are produced from padded materials and are available in numerous thicknesses that provide different degrees of warmth.

4. Cooler rugs

The primary purpose of these rugs is to cool down your horse while keeping them warm. Cooler horse pads work by utilizing a wickable fabric that aids in wicking any moisture away from a wet horse coat.

They uniformly bring the horse’s body temperature to the expected after any tasks, and the pads wicking properties prevent your horse from staying chilly. Also, you can use cooler horse blankets after a bath to speed up the drying process. They are the perfect rugs to use after long rides.

5. Canvas rugs

Canvas horse rugs are made from canvas material comprising 60% cotton. The rugs are waterproof and are typically utilized during any season if conditions are not too harsh. The most fantastic property about these horse blankets is that they are the most breathable due to their natural outer fiber fabric and inside wool lining.

6. Exercise blankets

Exercise rugs are the most common horse pads regarding cuts and style because they are the most used when training horses. Exercise rugs come in numerous forms depending on the exercise, but they are all breathable for easy and comfortable workouts. They are also designed to fit perfectly underneath the saddle and have side cuts to allow your legs to work effectively in the field.

Winding up

Horse riding is a prevalent task that numerous people enjoy. However, to keep enjoying horse activities, you need to protect your horse; horse rugs are a great way to keep horses warm and calm and protect their skin from insects. Above are vital types of horse blankets that cover your horse.

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