What Amazon’s New Best Seller Ranking Means For The Book Industry

Amazon’s New Best Seller Ranking Means For The Book Industry


Amazon is the home of more than a billion active buyers every month. If you are an author or a book publisher, you should be concerned about Amazon. Because it has almost 90% share of the book market in the United States and has 70% of all market share in India.

Many things make Amazon a leader, but the most important thing is their customer support and services.

If we talk about the book industry, book publishers, authors, agents, distributors, marketers, and other members of the book world are so concerned about Amazon because they have taken over nearly half of the book market. To know better than this to  “Amazon’s New Best Seller Ranking in Books” So, I would like to suggest some bestseller rankings for the book industry.

Best Seller Ranking in Books:

If you don’t know what Best Seller means, it simply means that the book is selling like crazy on Amazon. In other words, if you are selling ten copies per day, then it is a best seller. We all know that Best Sellers are the ones who sell millions of documents in a single month. Now we will talk about Amazon’s New Best Seller Ranking in Books. So, let’s start with the basics.

Amazon New Best Seller Ranking in Books

I think it’s time to discuss the new Best Seller ranking in books because it is a new concept in the book industry. In short, it will help authors and publishers to see what readers are selling better than before. It is an incredible opportunity for those who have less success, making them more successful.

So, here are some essential points for you to consider:

How to calculate Amazon’s New Best Seller?

To calculate Amazon’s New Best Seller, you need to check the previous sales data. The data can be seen on your Amazon account, or you can take help from the Amazon seller app. It’s so easy. If the book has been selling over 100 copies, then it will get a green flag, and if the book is selling less than 100 copies, it will get a red flag.

How to become an Amazon Best Seller?

Well, there are two ways to become an Amazon bestseller:

You need to build up your customer base. You need to increase your sales. To increase your sales, you need to make the product attractive. Make sure that the quality of your book or your author page is excellent, then write a good book or write engaging content.

It’s so easy to create a profile on Amazon. Still, there are so many profiles on Amazon, and Amazon will notice only those who have excellent sales. So, you need to spend time and effort marketing your book and promoting it on social media.

Is it possible to get Amazon’s New Best Seller Ranking in Books?

Yes, you can get Amazon’s New Best Seller ranking in books. First, you have to publish at least five books per year. If you don’t do that, you won’t get this chance. The good news is that Amazon will automatically update its list every month. If you have done your job well, you will get it.


Amazon’s New Best Seller Ranking in Books will bring new changes in the book industry and change the entire book industry. It will make the books which are not selling now become best sellers.

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