Why Do We Need To Know The Origin Of The Universe?

Origin Of The Universe


A step closer to understanding the origin of the universe is a step closer towards understanding ourselves better. But, a few of us question the significance of exploring the cosmos and trying to solve the mysteries of the universe. These are the people who are under the impression that the Big Bang theory occurred billions of years ago and it is very difficult to know the realities and it has no effect on our present and the future. Hence, why establish huge laboratories, spend a lump sum amount of money and go on a Space Exploration which ultimately doesn’t have an economic goal at the end.

In this article, we have discussed the importance of studying the origin of the universe and its benefits to the human race.

1.   Human and Scientific Progress

Investigating how civilization evolved has enhanced our thinking abilities which furthermore helped us understand our surroundings and the universe in a much better way. Our interest in getting an answer to queries related to the origin of the universe, helped us build better technology that we enjoy today.

  1. Evolution of Humans

Our attempt to understand our origin has always been a part of our evolution. It is this curiosity to solve the mystery of our existence that drove us to be who we are today.

  1. Survival of Humans and Other Species

Our desire to find answers is what helped us grow and survive in this world. In the process of examining:

  • the beginning of the earliest galaxies in the universe,
  • the planetary systems and planets that support life,
  • whether life began outside the solar system, and
  • the composition of air

we advanced and built our civilization.

  1. Future Growth

Every stride made towards understanding the universe is as good as the next stage of human development and advancement. The technological advancement that we witness today is mainly due to the progress in astronomy. That said, it is essential to understand the behaviour of our planet.

These were a few points stressing on the importance of knowing the origin of the universe.  You can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn concepts like the properties of X rays with the help of interactive videos. You can also have a glimpse of how BYJU’S is changing the way students learn.

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