Why Should YouGet a Loan Against Securities?

value loan


The process of selling securities for the urgent need of funds may look like a convenient way, but it leads the potential risks in the long run. The process of choosing the loan against the securities helps you to preserve the securities’ values for the future.

It will also give you a chance to increase the funds to deal with an unexpected crisis. There are many reasons in favor of the need to take a loan against securities. Read the article to know all the reasons here.

High-value loan

You can use mutual funds, IPO, FMP, ISOP, and bonds as collateral to get a loan against securities of up to 10 crores to fund your requirements. This loan is a versatile option because it provides the limits-free use of funds. It is easy to avail of the loan against the securities. The banks permit you to quickly apply for a loan against the securities online by submitting your application form.

Chance to Quick financing 

The instant monitoring requirements are not announced. For instance, an emergency demands immediate funds and attention, and managing the funds in an emergency is quite tough. In this case, liquidating your investments and savings has appeared to be a convenient solution. So rather than selling the securities, you can get instant funds with a loan against the securities that provides the 24 hours approval. This swift disbursal and application process saves time and permits you to fulfill urgent fund needs.

Get ROI better on investments 

You can easily build an investment portfolio with the help of a wide mix of securities for both long-term and short-term gains. These tools have the ability to grow and generate a good number of returns with time. If you want to go for instant financing, you must choose the pre-approved offers that help you to save time and make the funding process simpler.

Borrow the money against the wide securities 

You have the option to put securities as collateral, no matter how much wide your loan portfolio is. For instance, if the FD contributes the monthly returns you require for household expenses, there is no need to change this investment to a loan. Rather than this, you are allowed to pledge the shares or bonds. This type of loan allows you to give the security as collateral, as same as mutual funds.

Repayment terms convenient 

Pledged to highly worthy securities ensure you can take a loan against the securities on easy repayment terms. The best thing is that the lenders permit you to make prepayments or foreclose the loan term without any extra fees. It means the loan against the securities is a great option to stay burden-free loan repayments. You can also select the tenor of your choice from almost 36 months at your own convenience.


Here are all the above benefits made by a loan against the securities. Moreover, it is recommended to choose the right lender and decide which securities need to be pledged against the loan.

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