Cleaning up of flooded basements

Cleaning up of flooded basements


Basements are prone to flooding very often with the arrival of spring. Snow melts in spring season and water flooded the basements. During rainy season, heavy rains falls enters the basements of buildings and causes extensive damage. This incident can occur during dry weather too when sewage backups due to blockage and create filthy mess in basements.

People use basements for storage, laundry or for personal purposes. Flooding in basement can be very dangerous and can cause electrical hazard and extensive damage to contents. Immediate action is required to prevent mold growth and more damage to building foundation. Various aspects of cleaning up are involved in basement flooding and need repair and restoration to mitigate the damage. You need professional help to fix the basement problems and quick action to remove water and drying out the basement properly.

The effects of water damage from basement can progress to other areas very quickly from bad to irreparable if cleaning up process delayed. Bacteria and virus began to grow when water remain stay for next 24 hours and spread musty smell throughout the house.

Service restore are professional who are trained and experienced in dealing with the removal of water, cleaning up and drying the basement and crawlspaces completely. They used state-of-art equipment and latest techniques to effectively drying and cleaning of affected things. Service restore is best among flood clean up companies and provide immediate response with their trained and certified technicians.

The experts from water damage services do inspection and provide you with estimation of repair cost. You must inform your insurance company and provide information of your damage for claim later in future.

Workers start mitigating water source to control its spread which prevent further damage, cut the cost and lessen the tension.

Workers remove all affected things and furniture from the area to avoid warping, rotting and mold growth. Remove furniture and carpets for cleaning and restoration. Non porous material such as wooden flooring can trap water quickly and prevent the material under it to dry properly.

Now the workers start extracting water and cleaning, drying and dehumidifying to remove as much water as they can. For this purpose, they use wet vacuums and sump pumps and remove water. Air movers and fans are used to dry area. Safe cleaning solutions are used to clean and sanitizers for safety and comfort of people.

Discard all damaged wood, carpets, insulation and drywall to prevent mold development. Everything needs many days for complete drying because of water damage.

The technicians are trained in removing mold. They have suitable tools to identify the presence of moisture and its removal too. They restore mold damaged areas safely to avoid risk of mold recurrence.

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Now they start the repairs and restoration of foundation cracks and sealing of windows and vents. They replace the water damaged features as required. The wooden floors and drywalls need replacement also. The professionals are trained and skilled in performing all sorts of tasks of rebuilding and restoration.

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